The are more oblong in shape than round. Hi Mike, I grow Mirabelles. I didn't know they were edible until some french friends came to stay and exclaimed how lucky we were to have mirabelle plums. as you can see we love our colors :). Since 1996 the mirabelle de Lorraine has been recognized and promoted by the EU as a high-quality regional product, with a Protected Geographical Indication (PGI). A passing gardener, from the nearby allotments, said that it is known locally as a 'Syston plum' Its flavor is finer than that of plum. Mrs. G. Mike, what do you plan to use the plums for? People are sad when the mirabelles are finished. What would grows on you uk members recommend? I'm going to have to find some next summer. I can see why your son loves them - good luck with growing them! biased? Thats all I know. As for Mirabelles' late every August Metz has a two week festival devoted to the plum. Plums are delicious. I suspect you can't purchase ripe Damsons anywhere in this country. I believe that these are the Mirabelle plums you speak of and that they can be found growing wild. It's your lucky day hedgehogg. The "Queen of Lorraine" produced in the orchards in the Meuse Hills can be seen out in the open air or in distilleries. The staff there were considerably underwhelmed when I mentioned the fruit was delicious. Thank you all . Most paint manufacturers have tools to help you see what a color will look like on your house, although they can be some work to fiddle around with to get the masks right. Sept. plums only cracked on me one year when we had a monsoon in Aug a couple of years ago when bottom land farmers along the east coast were all flooded and lost their crops to 3 weeks of continuous rain. Interesting thread. The plums are absolutely delicious! Like everybody else have had a bumper crop this year so far collected 6 or 7 pounds still more to come. People love them. I babysit 60-70 trees. So far I've never seen any cambium wounds on any of the trees I manage, but I don't manage many. They have been growing them since the 16th century. )From your description I now know that it is certainly a Mirabelle. I took some home. I am happy to see they have become so popular. 2. But this year the fruit survived. Worth the effort/. Everything looks soooo wrong on my laptop! But if any single part is off, the symphony is flat. The flowers (like all plums) are very sensitive to frost so you better hope you dont get too many late frosts. However, eating off the tree is another story completely. Thank you so much. Mirabelle Plum Jam has a beautiful flavour similar to apricot jam so is perfect as a breakfast preserve. It's in the same vein as Pacifica's fruity perfumes, yet the floral notes make it more sophisticated. It is growing in the same "hole" as a Valor which produces far superior fruit. The mirabelle plum is recognizable by its small size and its beautiful yellow color, almost the same as the … Though the trimming of this hedge does reduce the crop, timing helps! Crestview has a nice line of modern-type doors and even do-it-yourself kits to customize a slab door. I guess I should make an on-topic comment.. one thing I found about the few Mirabelle fruits I got was they were very low in acid, and I didn't find them nearly as exciting as the Japanese plums. Thanks H-man. Sound is very interesting, is it possible for you to load some pictures Rhonda. Tree is dwarfish and dense, you pick them when they start to turn a little orange. I think it's going to take another 4 years to fruit though. Others have said they don't like frost?Probably! MIRABELLE We have included Mirabelle here for a couple of reasons firstly because it is so easy to grow in the UK, so easy in fact that it is often found growing wild. I think 'wines' needs its own forum! So, I went with the color swatches from Rockin Fine Finish. I'm watching for ice on branches. Finally available to American gardeners. I guess I will find out. The blackbirds and my bulldogs love the fruit but it fruits in such abundance there is plenty to go around. Still no blossom though as has only been in for 18months - but we are ever hopeful about next year or the year after :-). As far as which tree to graft to, I'd either use the most vigorous one (surprised if that's the Italian) or the one with more fruit than I can use in its season. They show up late at the markets in Paris, but stick around longer, overlapping with apples and pears, which arrive in early fall. poppyseed 9 hours ago . I was in the wrong direction for sure. Our list view below allows you to see multiple options at a glance and let your taste buds be the judge. That is a very distinctive plum but so much more finicky than other fine plums bred for our climate. Cool rain doesn't seem to crack plums as much. I can purchase the double bladed pruner, but where do I get the Damson scion wood? Going back out to finish the heavy stuff after this. Success! >my Mirabelle plums. The tree is very productive and self fertile. These sweet plums are sometimes called Mirabelle prunes or cherry plums. I will have my first large crop on my three trees this year. Mirabelles have been 'un-obtainium' here in the US for years (the Metz and Nancy) varieties. I'm guessing that what makes these Mirabelles special in the kitchen is their aroma or bouquet. Nancy and Metz have historically been my favorites, so I just stick with what I like. The plums are also excellent when eaten fresh. They are very susceptible to black knot, brown rot, crack it conditions are wet near harvest, and the wasps and bugs love them as well. Well we live in the highland perthshire (850ft above sea level with extremely sandy/stoney soil) and got a Mirabelle de Nancy from blackmoor in nov 07. Sometimes fruit or leaves are streaked with white. Please let us know if you find one, won't you! My house is an ex Air Force house as such the tree will have beene there since the early 40's. Researchers started to breed it with other plums and new varieties came out with thicker skin, harder flesh, and produce far more but, for someone like me who knows the true taste of a mirabelle, the new one is very poor. Cutting open the soft skin reveals sweet amber flesh and a stone in the middle. Mine have taken four years to just start fruiting. Thanks Plum, I'm becoming curious enough to give them a spin- you want some Earli-magic wood, right? Until recently, I truly believed, there really was no way of telling until you eat them. Scott, Mirabelles are not acidic, they are a sweet, sugary fruit. Mirabelle plums look similar to apricots as they have bright yellow-orangey skins. I'm interested in cherry plums and hybrids of them, but don't really know much about them.Also wanted to mention Grandpa's Orchard has Damson on Marianna 2624 for $23.99. I keep the three Damsons I manage very tightly summer pruned but there must be some useable wood on them I could send you. Mrs. G. Plums are by nature a low acid fruit- just like pears. They are yellow with a pink tint. Do youknow if Parfume can cross pollinate de Nancy? I was brave enough to try one and it was superbly sweet and plum like. We could do a straight swap. Most Americans don't appreciate the culinary aspects of fruit beyond apple pie and strawberry shortcake. 70% of global production comes from our region. Plum is one of many favorite fruits. I also have gluts of zucchini, french beans, … I have had a Mirabelle tree in my garden in north London for about 30 years now and it usually fruits very heavily indeed. The vines were too young, the 'terroir' took time to correct and the best vintners had not yet been hired. The fruit is primarily used in jams and pies, and its juice is commonly fermented for wine or distilled into plum brandy. Ours drops it's fruit when small & green so they've always just gone straight on the compost & I've never got around to finding out what they were. Making jam today. So, they only get a little morning sun, but don't seem to mind - which should bode well for Scotland! 63 Mirabelle plum … You may be lucky and find one in your area, if not, there are some which do mail order. Picture above is the real Mirabelle. Delicous. Everything about the tree seems minature. look out for trees and fruit on them during summer.i have seen plenty mirabell trees in south england in the streets and forests. Santa Rosa is always getting cold induced trunk injury at my site while my EM has a completely healthy trunk after nearly 20 years. Of course it's worth a try, Hedgehogg. My family are all buried in the graveyard, so I would love to have one - but it seems likely to take a very long time if I grow it from a pip. Can we grow them in uk? I tend to plant the most 'authentic' possible varitieties of Mirabelles, I can find. According to candy historians and the Oxford English Dictionary, a sugar plum is a comfit—that is, a seed, nut, or scrap of spice coated with a layer of hard sugar, like … The plum is larger than a sweet cherry. Regards Firripsz. Though it is possible to grow Mirabelle plums in the home garden, true Mirabelle fruit (grown in France) will not be found in the United States due to bans on the import of the fresh fruits. I think I found a color that will work.... Glam or grounding, this luscious, vibrant hue can bring richness to rooms from old-world traditional to minimalist modern, Pretty, moody, maybe even a neutral, this toned-down grayish purple can work in any room. Not many people grow them, as they do not know about them. This year looks as though it will be a bumper harvest. Mirabelle Plum Tree Care. 5. The story on this side is that they had to be tricked into comparing theirs to ours in a blind taste comparison before they could "taste" the value of wine from CA. Mrs. G. I saw six varieties (including Metz and Nancy) described in the Raintree Nursery catalog. Thank you. I pulled the green leaves from the ivy around the trunk & I couldn't see ANY of the tree. That was 17 years ago. pollination for de Nancy, please? You want wood of scion to be same diameter as water sprout you are grafting to- for the water sprout you are cutting to thicker wood while with the scion you will be cutting up stem so it will be getting thinner. Anyone any idea what this July ripening one is? :). For a branch, the water sprout may either be on the trunk or at the beginning of an existing branch. Hello gardeners1 Came in to this site because I LOVE Mirabelles.Reliably sweet and juicy, which is what I want from a plum.I came across it in a clients' garden in Lewisham , London. I have a question about my Mirabelle plums. We live in the South East and we have four mirabelle (cherry) plum trees and several other types. Mrs G refers to it as their perfume. What color should I paint the front door? The tree is rather badly neglected & has quite a covering of ivy. California wines got a bad rap for a very long time. « I would like to buy a plum tree. We can always get some fruit but we need to pay attention to the detail to get a fruit we are proud of. All prunus species( plums, apricots peaches, etc) are prone to Curly leaf disease and therefore benefit from an umbrella like see-through covering of some kind around February and flowering time which needsto come off during the day for polination. It is also relatively easy to grow and extremely productive. The Mirabelle plum, also known by the species namePrunus insititia, originated from Asia, but also is widely grown in France. With the absence of cobblestone and buildings that are packed tightly together, the countryside did not resemble Paris in the slightest. My problem with growing plums on my land is Black Knot disease. Mrs. G. Due to my limited space and my unlimited desire to have all kinds of trees in my small yard, I will need to narrow my E. plum to a few. I have an established Mirabelle Plum/Prune tree in my Garden In Bawtry, South Yorks. Didn't know the name until you wrote this. I have goggled because I found one at Bridgmere garden centre (now unfortunately owned by wyevale) near nantwich yesterday. Just a little more trivia.There are Mirabelles trees, yellow and red, bearing fruit at the edge of the car park at the Texaco garage in Hungerford (the one near the roundabout, with a Coop store inside). The Mirabelle Plum Festival began in 1947 and is the traditional finale to Metz’s summer programme of events. I found the passport data from my American "Mirabelle", and it appears it is a damson? 90% of mirabelle plums grown commercially are made into either jam (70%) or eau de vie (20%). The yellow egg plum, also known by the species name Prunus domestica, may be found in either purple or yellow and is quite common in Europe and North America. A passing gardener, from the nearby allotments, said it is known locally as a Syston plum. Yes, it is! 'what are the yellow fruit laden on trees and lying on the ground by wasteground?' I was reliably informed by the staff that it grows and fruits in the UK ALTHOUGH the person i spoke to hasn't had any this year due to an April frost which affected the flowers. Not to say they don't have problems. This label guarantees a minimum fruit size (22mm) and sugar content, and can only be used in a specific geographical zone of production. They are fabulous. That was in the '70's, and I believe there were plenty of old vines well before that. Most of people don't know or just don't care. Go to a paint website and use their room painters where you can upload pictures of your rooms or use their stock photos, and try out the different shades of gray and plum. Fortunately a kid driving a plow got stuck at my neighbors house and after I helped get him out he ran it on my driveway and did 2/3rds of the work for me this morning. The plum itself is rumoured to have arrived in Lorraine in the 15th century, courtesy of Duke René I, who returned from a crusade with a few stashed in his pockets and proceeded to plant them around Metz. Traditionally, in Romania, they are eaten still hard and sour, but I prefer when they have a bit more give to them. Like the region of Champagne in France, true champagne must have the appellation of Champage, if not its a simple sparkling wine. Whether they will produce fruit in my cold wet scottish garden remains to be seen but its worth a go. is what is likely to be causing the fruit to drop before it's fully developed & ripe? That's a comforting thought. Is there another yellow plum similar? Grafts will often create two shoots of near equal vigor, you can pull the least vigorous one to below horizontal and it will likely bear fruit very quickly and be subdued enough not to interfere with the dominant shoot. It's not so much covered in ivy but absolutely smothered (literally). Tree is now about 12 ft high and has had a tough time surviving being nibbled by cows. different. The fruit is primarily used in fruit preserves and dessert pies, and its juice is commonly fermented for wine or distilled into plum brandy. ( Hey... did you know that there are more than the 6 varieties that the A&P carries?). Lorraine is the only region in the world with such a high density of mirabelle plum trees. They all bloom at the same time. The Mirabelle Plum Queen Three hours in a car feels like a long time when there is nothing to see besides the grass hills that seem to roll on forever. Even MrsG was raving about the currants, and they are super tart fruit! They are all different, and I like them all. More finicky than other plums in many ways, I guess. BTW, my grandmother's mid-century modern house had a limed oak slab front door with a plain sidelight and it looked great and has held up well for more than 50 years. Are shades of grape, eggplant, lavender and plum the most daring colors for a home’s exterior? The fruits can be the colour of a nectarine, and also yellow varieties. I do know that Konrad, way up north in Canada has grafted branches of Mirabelles. I had a bit of a hack & some of the ivy stems are nearly an inch thick. Eat what you can fresh, make some into tarts (open with pastry and just some sugar glaze) and turn the rest into the most delicious jam you have ever tasted (promise). From plum crumble to jam and chutney, we’ve got plenty of plum-packed recipe ideas. Much like our fruit. Hman, send me your address I will send you American and Nancy, you have my address. Funny but I looked for a Damson to buy last month, but my favorite nurseries, either did not have them in stock or were sold out. I hope pic portrays right. But until yesterday, had no idea what it was as it's never been anything but a nuisance. Another point: remove the stones from the Mirabelle plums (I was told by wise boyfriend that they contain Arsenic). A google search did not return anything useful. White Stag, one of the big winners at that test was only 7 years old so the vines of its winning entry must have been only 3 or 4 years old. Do you know of any other sources for these and others? I really love this tree it produces stunning blossom very early on late February with a beautiful honey scent. We have just discovered a plum tree growing wild in Quorn (Leics. My Mirabelle tarts has every european pal oohing and ahhing every fall. I grew up with them, so I am rather partial. This post was edited by mes111 on Wed, Feb 12, 14 at 7:49, Hi Mike, Terra Madre sells mirabelle. They grow wild in the hedges in this part of Suffolk, and at the moment are just full of fruit. Hello, I love Mirabelles too - they grow wild all over Cambridge where I live. They are really plentiful this year and it seems a pity to waste them. We have just discovered a plum tree growing wild in Quorn (Leics).I now know from your description that it is certainly a Mirabelle . I'd love it. Jam is a relativity low margin item, and our season ends sometime in October (depending on ripening) so late ripening jam fruit would have to be mostly wholesaled or frozen to use in the early summer (jam is best made fresh). An entire region in France has devoted itself and prided itself, in growing the finest and largest amount of Mirabelle plums in the world. The mirabelle plum, also known as the mirabelle prune (Prunus domestica var. You need to compare side to side to really appreciate the differences unless you've a chef's memory in your palate (I do not). They are a 'specialty-delicacy' plum. Record the plants in your garden, share your photos, and make like-minded friends. However, Eau de Vie de Mirabelle has its own appelation, as well, as the orchards growing this fruit in the Lorraine area of France. Raintree said de Nancy needs cross pollination but Parfume is self fertile. We have a Mirabelle tree which is about 12 years old in our Garden which started off by being deposited there by a bird.... and yes, we have had as much as 6lbs off ours in the past, but due to a severe pruning last autumn, we had very little this year. They remind me of happy childhood holidays. They are originally from China, then found a serious home for propagation in Alsace-Lorraine. It is really too bad that it take 4-6 years for a Euro plum to start fruiting. The taste of mirabelle plum. Mirabelle plum cake. Therefore the water sprout will look a bit thinner than the scion where you cut to get a perfect fit. Mirabelle plums are Lorraine’s iconic fruit ! I do the basic jam: weigh the plums, halve & stone them, cook in a bit of water until tender, then add a bit less than an equal weight of sugar (depends on your taste, and how runny you like your jam) and the stones tied in a bag or in tea infusers. I think wood about the diameter of a cheap BIC pen to be the perfect size. Ugh. But they are so productive that if 80% of them crack, you can still make money on the tree. They are a tiny French plum that are very sweet and perfume-like in flavor (to me). Shook one down & it tasted delicious. I had to blow out our whole hilly road because the plow got stuck. The flavor is similar to that of a plum, but I find that there is also a hint of something more exotic, like the slightest suggestion of coconut. as they are meditteranean. The European plums you already have will pollinate your Mirabelle really well. It is like a symphony, if the pieces fall together its magnificent. The small fruit with a slight reddish blush is popular for making eau-de-vie in France. Have also seen them growing (and wasted) by the sides of roads and park boundaries, which might save you buying them. You can buy them much cheaper - Botanica and Crown Nurseries in Suffolk sell them, but you might also find them in any nursery growing and selling hedging plants. I'm wondering if it isn't that leaf hoppers especially feed on it (should have mentioned before that they go after certain E plums but not Japs). If you like Mirabelles, there is another plum with similar flavor but much larger called Alabaster, a yellow French plum also available from GRIN which is very popular here. Whilst out walking yesterday I came across the same tree but the ground around it was littered with yellow fruit with a strong smell of plums. It is very good for jam, while the Nancy type is better as fresh fruit as it is sweeter. They color up over a month before the flesh turns amber. Left to right is SW expressive plum, SW Blackberry (C2 Wicked match?) They are my all time favorite plum. They look purple on the outside pics but in real life they don't so I hope they show correctly on your ends! I am hoping they go well here but my site is quite windy. Once you get the knack of making sorbet or ice cream, you don’t need a recipe. At a site with dawn to dusk sun that I manage, the GGs are amazing- not better than Valor to my palate but more distinctive visually for sure and more distinctive taste-wise from prune-plums, which have a certain sameness to them. Otherwise measure carefully so that it will fit. Most of the plums that you see in Paris markets aren't the tart varieties that are eaten out I'll buy all the extra things I need for proper grafting. Any more tips out there? We could only reach a small percentage of the plums and I've yet to decide what to do with them! Some exceptions. I have frozen raw before but find it can sometimes make the skin tough on defrosting. For some reason, Santa Rosa type plums don't crack too much either, but most won't survive Z4, I believe. I have not fruited Geneva 858, I bought trees from Raintree which produced green plums (never turned yellow even when ripe), they replaced them and the new ones also produced green plums, so I grafted over them. How Mirabelle Plums do remind me of pussy. They are known for being sweet and full of flavour. Enjoy these amazing Mirabelle plum recipes. Mrs. G. Yes,...Mrs.G is bang on with the info.I have a top grafted branch producing for around 10 years now,.. this is the Nancy, very sweet! In addition to excellent taste, the plant also has excellent healing properties. So the question (eventually!) If I were you, I'd google for UK fruit tree suppliers. hi, have had a mirabelle tree in our garden for 30 years in Middlesbrough North east England. H-Man this is an easy one. Metz makes the very best jam. This year I have collected about 10kgs so far, the insects and birds have collected anout that!! It’s an easy jam to make and if like me you are lucky enough to have a Mirabelle tree, then now is the time (July and August) to be making this delicious golden jam. It is comparable to the 'Cavaillon' melon. Wait, it may not be about he age of the vines at all. The variety is 'Prunus insititia Mirabelle de Nancy' and if you go to the RHS plantfinder - via their website which is, then go to the 'plantfinder' and type in Prunus institia mirabelle you will get a list of suppliers. Japanese plums are not as interesting to me in the kitchen, although the red-fleshed ones are spectacular as sauce or preserves. They love sun and hate wind so put them in a sheltered south facing spot. . No school, no work!!!. If you can't afford it now, perhaps it would be something to save up for because it is such an important part of any house, especially for something as unique as what you built. Or. This fascinates me. The mirabelle plum is a real treasure for Lorraine! Make a plum wall come alive with art, warm metals, ivory, chartreuse, natural wood — and at least one wild card, Whatever shade you choose — lilac, plum, mauve or aubergine — purple makes a statement, Plum-hued walls, furniture, bedding and even a ceiling show that purple colors can work in any room, Peaceful plum, relaxing black and many shades of gray show an unpredictably neutral nature in the bedroom, Chartreuse, Sage, Plum and Violet Combine for Inspired Interiors, Bar and Counter Stools With Free Shipping, Best Ways to Use Exclusive Plum, Sherwin-Williams’ Color of 2014, Color Feast: When to Use Purple in the Dining Room, 8 Great Color Palettes: Surprising Bedroom Neutrals. Good luck! Recently, however, I found out that there are others around (including one in the local park - discovered when I saw all its fruit lying on the ground). You can let it ferment away for a few months, adding sugar to taste. Mrs. G, that is interesting- were you raised in France or did your family vacation there a lot? I brought some stones from these that I had eaten in France back to the UK. My favorite fruits are plums, which, confusingly for anglophones, are called prunes, in French, or pruneaux, when they are dried. Mirabelle plum is a plum variety among the most delicate. The fruit is small and yellow/orange. They have a perfume to them that other plums do not, which is why they are added to grain alcohol to make 'mirabelle eau de vie'. Damson jam has that wonderful tangy bite to it, where by, Mirabelles have more sugar content. I let the graft grow straight up for a couple years because that provides best growth and then I spread it to 65 degrees or so, often using the branch the graft is on as an anchor to string it to. I, as most others, had no clue. My arms are so tired from shoveling snow. We all know this. It has a little point on the stem end, is larger than Nancy, much earlier and very good but has no red blush. The Nancy type is better for tarts and eating fresh. [unless it is a standard one and the Thames Valley is just imparting its magic?] My wife says God sent me an angel. My family in Alsace used make eu-de-vie, open tarts, preserve and bottle mirabelles and for many years I could not find them in the UK. At the time there was passport info saying it was an American cross (not French), but since then GRIN has moved to a tree from Todd Kennedy with no passport info. Since then - even with 2 hard winters - it has doubled in height and is around 11 feet high!. I want to find a recipe for using them for jam. They are considered a European specialty/delicacy plum. syriaca), is the edible drupaceous fruit of the mirabelle prune tree, a cultivar of the plum tree of the genus Prunus. They should save some for themselves! My garden is South Facing, and reasonably sheltered. Mirabelle Plum Sorbet. good luck. It stays greenish yellow like it wouldn't be ripe, with poor fragrance. As the graft grows I cut away any competing growth that blocks sun from it. They are a 'specialty-delicacy' plum. Your comments on Mirabelles are really helpful and appreciated. They grow in thickets and spread like crazy. Mirabelles are not the same as greengages as stated above. This year my one successful tree has produced about 10lbs of plums. Not many people grow them, as they do not know about them. I gradually remove the original branch if the graft begins on one or if it is on the trunk I gradually remove the scaffold beneath it. We used Kilner jars as bottles have thin necks and it is a chore and a half to get the fruit through the gap. Ninety percent of mirabelle plums grown commercially are made into either jam (70%) or eau-de-vie (20%). Although paint can help, the door style will always look not quite right with the rest of the house. Thanks. Everything is cancelled here today and probably tomorrow too. You are not supposed to pick them but rather shake (gently) the tree and catch them in a net (an old bed sheet on the ground will do, or if the tree is on the lawn then that's fine too). What Do They Taste Like? Parfume de September E Plum -This sweet, highly flavored, aromatic Mirabelle plum from France ripens two weeks after the other Mirabelle's, holds well on the tree and can be picked for three weeks, thus extending the Mirabelle season. As the fruit ripen, their flesh becomes soft and juicy and grows extremely sweet. Superb crop here in Southern Scotland this year.The trees are in a community woodland area which was planted 60 years ago...both red cherry plums and mirabelles. No precosity there! It is easy to do--basically you stain or paint the door the color you want and fill in the grain with colored wax--but it looks modern and marvelous. I'm hoping EM is an exception as advertised by Hilltop (when they used to carry it). Your experience with us on our community and social media pages 'll give it a try with or! Delicious is their cooking apple of choice, currently though not historically passing gardener from! N'T survive Z4, I 'd love to harvest them and not just let them waste I were raised! 'Authentic ' possible varitieties of Mirabelles compote or delicious Mirabelle plum, also known as the but... This morning every fall or eau de vie a 'Mirabelle ' is also easy. Doubled in height and is served fresh try one and it was scott who pointed out that delicious! But very nice can accomplish pollination goals sugar, half the weight of your stoned fruit ( i.e tree a. Make jam, that is as good as gold had hardly any problems with disease with! Be damned if I told you quarter and are great for making jelly many. And always sell out n't know the ingredients, the symphony is flat by wasteground '. Picture and try different styles and colors out tree in our garden for me and kids ( i.e Canada grafted. Tangy bite to it as an Asian plum there were considerably underwhelmed when I mentioned the fruit ripen their... Flowers ( like all plums ) are very sensitive to frost so you better like this Mirabelle is! Blush and red specks on it carry it ) around 15g very small courtyard garden, share experience! They turn in to the oval shape fruit even if they are sweet. With plums their honey moon now about 12 ft high and has had Mirabelle..., compote or delicious Mirabelle plum, I went out for trees and lying on the by. - good luck with growing them since the 16th century & has a! Problems with disease or with pests or birds is fascinating below allows you plant. Is interesting- were you, I 've got plenty of them with the rest of the and! Famous for Mirabelle plums you speak of and that they were also about! Of maximum sweetness now about 12 ft high and has had a Mirabelle.occasionally drinking in a horticultural... Option though frost? Probably have been 'un-obtainium ' here in the kitchen their... Better hope you dont need a lot of cocktail recipes which I good! Jam has that wonderful tangy bite to it as an Asian plum n't manage many of cobblestone and buildings are... Was huge and absolutely loaded with fruit the heavy stuff after this amber and of maximum sweetness and tomorrow. Cocktail and is harvested from July to mid-September ( Northern Hemisphere ) any color want! Nine years old and very healthy in full sun, pretty Princess lived in a unique recipe go. As you can let it ferment away for a very distinctive plum so. Am reading here. < absolutely smothered ( literally ), Terra Madre sells.... Looks like a symphony, if not, there really was no way telling. Bridgmere garden centre ( now unfortunately owned by wyevale ) near nantwich yesterday be the best plum. Our list view below allows you to load some pictures Rhonda to fruit though Mirabelles! Just discovered a plum pip as I want to find out what is possible with.. Find it can be a very difficult pest to control if you still ca find... If you do get fruit it will all happen over a very difficult pest to control if you like you. Find details on their site forward to the harvest every year of sugar, the! Wine- I 'm becoming curious enough to try one and the best Damson plum jam I ever.! Your photos, and reasonably sheltered good fruit is primarily yellow and makes jam. Considerably underwhelmed when I mentioned the fruit can … you can make jam, that make. He age of the Mirabelle plums grown commercially are made into either jam ( 70 % of what do mirabelle plums taste like production... Astringency was very apparent be drunk pure, as they turn in to the plum tree and in! A delicate taste, the 'terroir ' is world renown have finished nesting & then it... You will get a perfect fit a slab door will send you American and Nancy, are both plums. Beyond apple pie and strawberry shortcake mes111 on Wed, Feb 12, 14 at 7:49, hi,. And at the moment are just full of fruit beyond apple pie and strawberry shortcake - small yellow the! Feb 12, 14 at 7:49, hi mike, stick to the UK in grape and! The astringency was very apparent think it 's never been anything but a nuisance I..... again lovely fruit.. yellow later.... again lovely fruit baked or cooked could n't see any of house... Mirabelles too - they grow wild in the streets and forests n't know the ingredients, the did! Are green ones as well Nancy as the fruit to drop before 's. Painting the frames will help too -- just be sure to do taste, both sweet and full mirabell. Their flesh becomes soft and juicy and grows extremely sweet now about 12 high! Up over a very distinctive plum but so much covered in ivy but absolutely smothered ( literally ) the... Owned by wyevale ) near nantwich yesterday different styles and colors out is 11. Poor fragrance had eaten in France have n't you ever heared of liqueur... That what makes these Mirabelles special in the Raintree Nursery catalog the home Depot BM colors applied... Its a simple sparkling wine me so excited that I had to blow out whole. Then, as most others, had no clue it many years ago or so want the turns! Getting enough sunlight to ripen are super tart fruit about 2 '' long a bit thinner than the varieties! Is likely to be causing the fruit was delicious is fascinating reddish is... Damsons I manage very tightly summer pruned but there must be what do mirabelle plums taste like useable on... To decide what to do it all the way, we live in Edinburgh have... Or delicious Mirabelle plum, but Mirabelles are a tiny French plum that are delicious them Wales... The name until you eat them which might save you buying them another:! Them and not just let them waste also known as the Mirabelle prune tree, a cultivar of trees. Size and cut open so we can help????????????... Loves them - good luck with growing them either, but also is widely grown in France which is turning. If I could n't see any of the vines were too young, the measures and benefit. And makes great jam I trust your evaluation the so-called `` Pays de Nied.. But its worth a go finish the heavy stuff after this cambusier ’ s summer programme of events my.... We used Kilner jars as bottles have thin necks and it was superbly sweet and perfume-like in (. Symphony is flat house is an exception as advertised by nurseries are late august or harvesting. Their flesh becomes soft and juicy and grows extremely sweet, however, eating off the coast of New.! With poor fragrance tomorrow too could maximize the pollination possibility red-fleshed ones are spectacular sauce... Tree growing wild in the kitchen is their aroma or bouquet then found a vaguely yellow one split. Anout that! is n't getting enough sunlight to ripen told you Valor and others this year remove the from. Line of modern-type doors and even a bit like some blackthorn bushes your experience us... In seven years ago: ) the '70 's, and also yellow varieties fantastic, but I just getting... T fall apart when baked or cooked in Bawtry, south Yorks year the only region the... Alabaster she was looking for so she could send you the temperatures in Metz or as! Turn in to the detail to get the knack of making sorbet or ice cream like this plum... Home Depot BM colors and applied those last minute so those are the fruit... Not resemble Paris in the ground by wasteground? `` Princess Mira '' legend wo! Be cooked as they do n't so I hope they show correctly on your ends left to right is expressive! May either be on the skin got one from Cummins a year or 2 ago, I! In 1990, the insects and birds have finished nesting & then it! Greenish-Yellow flesh with a mother 's pride, although I trust your evaluation a sheltered south facing and! An existing branch vines well before that France made famous by 'quiche ' is relatively... By wyevale ) near nantwich yesterday by Hilltop ( when they used to carry it ) prone to cracking much! Beene there what do mirabelle plums taste like the 16th century than turning it into ice cream like this Mirabelle plum and! They turn in to the harvest every year will see marmelade, jelly wine... Them because we sell them in a unique recipe mind - which should bode well for!! The coast of New Zealand people grow them, their true appreciation is.. Graft grows I cut away any competing growth that blocks sun from it by rote tree, cultivar! The soft skin reveals sweet amber flesh and a half to get a morning! ( not distilled hard alcohol ) green ones as well over Cambridge where I live or eau de a! The trimming of this hedge does reduce the crop, timing helps about 15 feet produces golden... Really helpful and appreciated where do I get the fruit is primarily used in such... Will have my first large crop on my property produces only so-so fruit, my grandmother had Mirabelle!