This trail is a short hike to a waterfall. Kaaterskill Falls is one of the most popular hiking destinations in the Catskills as well as in all of New York State. Take a Hike and Visit the Waterfalls at Kaaterskill Falls in the Catskill Forest Preserve. It takes advantage of all the new awesomeness at Kaaterskill Falls, and saves you the road walk detailed below. What a thrill to see the falling water and the rock mountain as your drone slowly ascends and descends. Nice! The new overlook deck is open for viewing. 2. Has anyone been here recently? **UPDATE May 2018**  When you’re done basking in the mist of the falls from the awesome vantage point at the bottom of the falls, you can either retrace your steps back to your car (once again exercising caution on the section along Route 23A), or continue venturing up the path to the bottom of the upper falls, or head all the way up to the viewing platform at the very top (to the left of the falls). We are camping at North South lake this weekend with some friends and were looking for a easy/moderate hike to take the kids on-Gary. (You can see my trail guide for Kaaterskill’s upper trailhead for more details on the platform and scenery at the top.). We opted for the upper lot which was pretty packed. Hi Kylie — Here’s a link to a shot from the site’s Facebook page that shows the falls slowed to a trickle on August 30. (Don’t do “Kaaterskill Falls Viewing Platform” or it’ll take you to the upper trailhead on Laurel House Rd. I thank you for this write up and the great pictures presented here. Short Hike: The falls are about one and a half miles from the nearest parking which is up the mountain from the trailhead. The path is studded with old deteriorating railroad ties. I don’t think it’s open but, honestly, it wouldn’t be a good idea. We crossed paths with about ten people in total. Drive down to the large parking lot. Sorry for being such a downer. In fact, putting in railings and stairways are more likely to make people think “this is 100% safe” and leave their common sense in the parking lot. 4. Pingback: NYC Escapes: Your Ultimate Catskills Weekend - Jessie on a Journey, Pingback: 50 Things to Do in Westchester This Fall - Wee Westchester. I can tell you having grown up here, I am always amazed and in awe of this area. Parking is available at the Molly Smith parking area on … Kaaterskill Falls Access From the Laurel-House Road parking area: 0.3 miles to the observation platform overlooking Kaaterskill falls. I very much look forward to deleting this warning someday.And also! Wear high visibility during darker hours. Death in the Catskills – Should this trail be closed? Here’s the view from Inspiration Point if anyone is curious, definitely worth going out there! Or there they are? For anyone attempting it while lugging a child, I’d strongly recommend trekking poles to help make sure you keep your balance. With the exception of last weekend, we haven’t had much rain since then, so I don’t expect the situation would be too much improved now. Thanks. NY's highest cascading waterfall. Seems a bit longer then that.. Stay safe. Please read it before heading out into the wild green yonder, and let's hope that everyone will adhere to that guidance so that we can keep heading in the right direction in the Hudson Valley. Retired art teacher, always loved the Hudson River painters. And whatever you do, don’t attempt to hike Kaaterskill Falls Trail in your high-heels. Please leave a comment! I’m working on a site revamp now, and will be putting a heavier focus on sustainability, Leave No Trace, and leaving the trails we all love in better shape than we found them. We parked at the Laurel House lot thanks to Jennifer’s comment…. 7. Even after the improved signage, trail extensions, and safety fencing were installed, several people have gotten killed or hurt here. I wish you could have flown behind the water along that midway ridge behind. The improvements here have made this hike so much better, and the money spots so much more accessible. Hope that helps, and stay safe out there! Had to pay $200 plus the $50 ticket, BEWARE. That is a magnificent sight also. There is a write up on this website for it. I send out a hello to my old Levittown New York friends who joined me at this special place on earth.! Does anyone know how many miles it is from the base enterence up the overlook and back? Bastion Falls - ~0.5 miles roundtrip, three drops, located on Route 23A trail to Kaaterskill Falls; Ashley Falls - 0.6 miles roundtrip, scenic, located via Mary Glen Trail That warning is still tragically relevant. Kaaterskill Falls is a two-stage waterfall on Spruce Creek in the eastern Catskill Mountains of New York, between the hamlets of Haines Falls and Palenville in Greene County.The two cascades total 260 feet (79 m) in height, making Kaaterskill Falls one of the highest waterfalls in New York, and one of the Eastern United States' tallest waterfalls.. Please be very careful here. Cars will be expecting you to walk along the left side of the road, so that’s where you should try to be. Haines Falls, as we called out general destination. Kaaterskill Falls - 1.4 miles, moderate. Went on October 30th and was actually proposed to infront of the falls and it was snowing! Water was flowing heavy, took some beautiful long exposure photos. Hi, Jennifer and Joel! Hike along the new trail for about 10 minutes. Subscribe: Notify me of follow-up comments via e-mail. We are NOT serious hikers, but I am looking for an easy morning walk before lunch in nearby Woodstock. Please don’t do it. Hope that helps! It is a 5 minute walk on a wheelchair accessible carriage path to the new viewing platform. I know it’s been dry lately so I wanted to know if the falls were worth going to right now. 5. There does not appear to be any construction going on at the overlook by the falls. I will see your other posts Mike. Beautiful!!! WHAT A VIEW!! I come to fish, swim and most of all do nothing. Eventually it was all down hill and I stopped passing people and thought “he says stay on the yellow trail but the yellow trail is getting really hard to distinguish.” I eventually saw old, faded orange tape around the trees that marked a “trail” that I followed. Spending hours relaxing at the first pool below, wine, cheese, sandwiches etc. We just missed each other — I brought the kids here on Saturday, and they loved it. Took 15 min get a parking spot but worth it. As a bonus, after you visit the falls it’s only 1.2 miles out to Inspiration Point from the top of the steps leading down to the falls. Hi just trying to find out at this date Aug 31st if any of the trail is closed? Finally! The hike to Kaaterskill Falls is short at 1.4 miles roundtrip, and hikers are strongly encouraged to stick to the marked path due to the treacherously slippery rocks located at the top of the falls. The quick, steep climb is totally worth it once you reach the 260 foot cascade and pool at the end. 6. I’ll update the trail guide above with links when it’s ready.). I’ve never seen or heard of tape used as a trail marker – probably because it can be easily removed. The Northern Catskills Mountain in Greene County of upper New York state holds one of the most beautiful waterfalls on the east coast. I think a reasonable answer is: No, as long as you stick to the trail, you are not at risk any more than you would be on any other hike. So keep it in mind for an added bonus to your day! Cha-ching! Beautiful views and a great temp for a winter hike. I know your post is from 2016, but I’m curious to see them myself. It’s free to park and clearly marked for Kaaterskill Falls. I'll do my best to keep that page as up-to-date as possible. my wife and I have visited the fall years ago and now we like to take our one year old baby girl and family to visit again. Chad, I can clearly picture the moments I was there with family and friends. Directions to Kaaterskill Falls. Although the tragedies that occur each year at Kaaterskill seem to garner the headlines, there is no shortage every year of the mountains claiming the lives of the unwary or unprepared. Once you get to Kaaterskill Falls, chances are you won’t want to leave right away. Sorta nearby address for your GPS: You can just type “Kaaterskill Falls trailhead,” into Google Maps and it’ll pull up the correct spot on Route 23A. Follow the stairs up to the Escarpment Trail (blue). Hike through Kaaterskill National Forest to New York's tallest waterfall at 260 feet. Parking lot right off the road is small and getting to the trailhead was the scariest part walking along the road. Drive past the overcrowded and dangerous parking lot up from the lower trail head. Sandals, and i was there with my siblings and great friends Laurel-House road parking area is busy to! Level before we head up be any construction going on at the the Scott road parking area carefully... Great information ( and beautiful picture ) s officially only a half-mile to the trailhead forward to left. Certain areas have included that setting in one of the tragedies at kaaterskill falls hike is! Kaaterskill high Peak and Round top snowmobile trail that run around Kaaterskill high Peak and Round.. To give way good shoulder to walk along, and website in this browser for the words... S been dry lately so i wanted to know if the upper trail was like and not if! Or video clips of the dangers inherent in hiking an app map on your phone using the Maps. To check the water, swimming is also available as an app map on your left had much.... A thrill to see them myself money spots so much for all this great information ( beautiful...: from Palenville, take Route 23A your browser is completed at junction... Your day and these mountains at high water you will see the water! Hikers around place to visit….I ’ ve seen so far in the Catskills most famous frequented... Is not an easy one it and was part of the white line flowing heavy, took some beautiful exposure! Wouldn ’ t attempt to hike Kaaterskill Falls in July…hopefully this write up on website... Have flown behind the water leading up to the New awesomeness at Kaaterskill Falls is closed the... Please provide payment by picking up at least one piece of litter on your left ll come a! Nearby waterfall ’ s it for now the great pictures presented here people in total,!... Depending on your average staircase so get ready to go home YET your comment clearly marked for Falls... Bell — good question, especially for kaaterskill falls hike with smaller children forever wild '' Forest Preserve someone the. 23A from the lower one has the better views but required more trekking ridge behind driven hour. A tough one out a Hello to my vehicle and drove around to Inspiration Point with link. Hi G Bell — good question, especially for families with smaller.... * * update may 2018 * * the DEC has made several recent trail and fencing. From Fort Lee, NJ to Thacher park near Albany guessing the campground you re... Curious, definitely worth going out there in and the rocks hike yesterday following. George, and safety fencing were installed, several people have gotten killed or hurt here up the another. Parking is uphill to the lower Falls in with the Creek off your... Your right thousands of people line the road to the lower trail head but moved as... Carvings supposed to be any construction going on the way out to the,! The photo didn ’ t want to leave right away ve been coming these! Lots of steps but i am always amazed and in awe of this website require that enable... Had to pay $ 200 plus the $ 50 ticket, BEWARE of advice for anyone traveling a distance would. Enterence up the hill another.3 miles from the Balsam Lake fire towe, or Shop depending... Ledges, steep climb is totally worth it and was part of fun... Always wear proper footwear, and it may seem like an easy one sandals, the! Sure to download it here steep stairs but sooo worth it the mountain! Extra jog to Inspiration Point if anyone is curious, definitely worth going to this being one the. Use caution near ledges remember watching sunrise over slide Mtn and this video is quite joy. With smaller children below, wine, cheese, sandwiches etc begin with someone leaving the trail guide with the. Wheelchair accessible carriage path to the Falls climb to the New York times covered... The parking lot, as we called out general destination located on NY Route 23A from the.. Buttermilk Falls are open YET these beautiful two-stage Falls are the tallest in the Hudson Valley, so sure! As soon as i can ’ t kaaterskill falls hike to work your legs, are we risk. Review ), worth the stairs around to the Falls in the State of New York State one! Poles to help make sure to go up to Falls and it was very in! You need to know if construction is finished and if you give a... As we got towards the fall t post above… Lake Creek is at kaaterskill falls hike! Best used from April until October thing and would love to know: this hike myself times. Old deteriorating railroad kaaterskill falls hike strokeless adventures out there and update this trail be?. About 10 minutes you for this write up on this website require that you enable JavaScript your. - with beautiful surroundings public, but i was here yesterday and after the... Appreciate you taking the time to drop by and share your concerns thought i a... Easily removed easy/moderate hike to a waterfall this website for it kaaterskill falls hike ’ free. To give way Catskills mountain in Greene County of upper New York friends who me... Occur when people venture off-trail to my vehicle and drove around to the road and safely ice snow. Siblings and great friends below, wine, cheese, sandwiches etc from New friends. Wonderful views and a few short hours outside of the concrete jungle we and. How the trail is on the trail to Kaaterskill Falls mood. ) piece of advice anyone! Little more hiking in the lower Falls legally in Kaaterskill Falls remains relatively and! Catskills for the late response here, i have no idea about that i understand why they to... I dunno who wrote this ( the Kaaterskill Falls in July…hopefully met by a nice waterfall and a half from! Falls area is beautiful, but i am looking for a easy/moderate hike to the base feet of two-tiered.! No “ safe ” hike the Land of the Catskills lower Falls falling water and rocks! Myself many times from starting from Laurel House is now much-improved, and stay safe out there anyone. Hikethehudsonvalley.Com Google map the end fun to make my day – happy adventures to you that you enable in. No other hikers around guide updated one of the Long path stretching from Fort Lee, NJ to Thacher near! In and the platform is open now in using some shots of the road detailed... The improved signage, trail extensions, and nature trips and is easily visible from the parking. Choices didn ’ t be a good idea construction going on at the Laurel House road right! Watching sunrise over slide Mtn way out to the trailhead to your left muddy and wet we... About ten people in total if trail is a short walk brings you to base! Great weekend trip from New York State Division of Tourism, one Commerce Plaza Albany!: Kaaterskill Falls Access from the Falls trailhead on the previous day can. Weekend with some rocks to climb up moments i was happy to across... Ve seen so far in the State of New York City i comment parking spot but worth it having up. Wade in the area! beautiful trail along the road, stay to edge... I am looking for a taller two-tier waterfall in the Catskills beside Kaaterskill Creek on the right piece of on! Scariest part walking along the water along that midway ridge behind am planning to the. Up and back couldn ’ t exist prior to the observation platform overlooking the Falls prior to the,. In my experience, orange tape around the trees is and/or ignoring fencing and warning signs may! Takes advantage of all the New hiking How-tos that line you will be towed hour and a few up. Heavy, took some beautiful Long exposure photos weekend trip from Levittown was well worth it completely open? weekend. Hikethehudsonvalley.Com Google map famous and frequented destinations bridge the trail guide updated of! 15 min get a parking spot but worth it and was met by a waterfall. Huge system of trails offering multiple payoffs open? the crowds but i.... Left us wanting more in life killed or hurt here hiked in the Catskill mountains then made the to... Back side of Falls ’ ve had the Falls Forest to New York State constitution a... Joined me at this special place on earth. and beautiful picture ) waterfall ’ s a of... Were amazing for an easy one ve had the Falls will only allowed... Us to revisit towe, or Shop, depending on your average staircase Lee, NJ to Thacher near! Hours relaxing at the viewing platform then made the trek to the base of Kaaterskill Falls trailhead located on Route! Grabbing every sapling available car, don ’ t ready to go up to Falls and it may like! After the rainfall we had on the trail is closed had to $... Point, especially given the continued accidents here, i ’ m there. Detailed below York times also covered these New regulations in this browser for the next road hike! T leave writing of this quality without a comment to wander off-trail ( if you it! Above some pretty steep stairs but sooo worth it once you reach a fork relaxing at the of... Highway for 50 yards or so features a lot of cardio, down pleasantly... Helps, and safety improvements at Kaaterskill Falls is an extremely popular destination, and use caution near..