I know the sanitary powers of hot grease. A couple of years back, I wrote about how you could book a Valentine’s Day table at White Castle but this year is a bit different due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Upton Sinclair’s 1906 novel, The Jungle, discouraged many Americans from eating ground beef, but the owners of White Castle set out to change that. White Castle wasn't usually a source for a main meal, but most were open all night, they were cheap, and 'sliders' are what satisfied 'the munchies', too much booze, or whatever - if you know what I mean. White Castle. One thing is certain, the West Coast is missing out on all of the tiny square hamburger action. Founded in 1921 in Kansas, the White Castle restaurants featured a white-washed castle exterior, and a white and steel inside décor, to emphasize cleanliness. In order to understand why sliders are called sliders, you first need to know how real sliders are made at legendary slider spots like White Manna in New Jersey. The blue states have White Castles, the red states have Krystals and the green states have both. White Castle’s double cheese sliders are hardly fit for a king, with greasy meat, cheese like a sheet of … ''The success of White Castle led to numerous imitators. photo galleries: White Castle and Krystal Delivery & Pickup Options - 235 reviews of White Mana Diner "For some people, the very idea that food is allowed to be served on the foul, grime-choked Tonnele Ave., bathed in truck exhaust and exposed to the vermin spilling out of the fleabag motels, is sure to be repulsive. With many places having restaurants closed for indoor dining, on Valentine’s Day you can book a parking spot at White Castle through OpenTable! Upon moving to Chicago, I was super excited that after decades spent living in the South, I was in a place where White Castle was the regional purveyor of small square burgers. Not me, though. Here’s a map from Wikipedia showing White Castle vs. Krystal locations in the US. White Manna and White Mana are the names of two fast food diners in the U.S. state of New Jersey, named after manna, the Biblical food.The restaurant franchise was ranked on America's best burgers list along with White Rose Hamburgers, another New Jersey burger joint. White Tower, White Clock, Royal Castle, Blue Castle, White Diamond, White Rose, or White Mana (or White Manna) — if you've run across any of these ancient slider slingers, you've run … The Rise of the Castle. Tiny, steamed, fast food burgers are the best drunk-stoned food ever and everyone knows it and that's why there's a movie about it. Restaurants copied the distinctive architecture of White Castle buildings, as well as created confusion for consumers by using a similar name. White Castle is famous for its cheap, small burgers. Many competitors created their names with a play on the White Castle name. The first of these imitators in Wichita was Little Kastle. White Castle! It's also widely regarded as the first fast-food hamburger chain in the United States … Credit: White Castle.