In the anime this was never mentioned nor implied, and Fused Zamasu fusion was assumed permanent however Gowasu did explain that Potara lasts an hour for those who are not a Supreme Kai though Fused Zamasu remains fused in the anime and his ability to do so is left unexplained (its possible that Goku Black's being temporarily promoted to the rank of Supreme Kai when he was still Zamasu is one possible explanation or may be due to the imbalanced nature of the fusion due to Goku Black being mortal while Future Zamasu is immortal, which while destabilizing the fusion causing it to mutate, it somehow renders the fusion permanent). As Goku is put into a healing pod, Vegeta explains to the gods the real truth behind Goku Black's identity. Krillin bans Goku from flying and transforming into a Super Saiyan, saying he needs Goku to be at a disadvantage otherwise he would be killed. Vegeta decides to fight Goku Black, saying that since he has no qualms fighting the real Goku, he won't lose to the fake one. Future Zamasu uses his supernatural abilities as a Supreme Kai, such as Telekinesis and magic, to fight Goku. Piccolo shoots down the idea of Gohan going to the future, as he has become a scholar and distanced himself from fighting. Zamasu charges his attack again and successfully kills Gowasu. Vegeta agrees, but also tells Future Trunks that if the future really is peaceful now, he should never return to the past again. Future Trunks offers his help but Bulma says she's fine as the "freeloaders" are helping. The Universe 7 group notice Zamasu not taking any action at all, and Goku says he is growing hungry watching Gowasu eat. Future Mai thinks for a little bit and accepts it, wanting to live together with everyone she fought with. On Beerus' planet, Vegeta is training with Whis. Future Trunks asks who this is, and is surprised to hear from Bulma about Zeno's status as the most eminent God in the multiverse. Episodes; New Comics. Future Zamasu reminds Goku Black that he will finish off Goku. At Kame House, Master Roshi agrees to teach Goku the Evil Containment Wave, wondering who Goku is fighting if he has to rely on that technique. Goku and Krillin! Trunks, also watching his future counterpart, approaches him. They both are surprised and afraid of what Goku has become, and Zamasu (with Goku's body) appears and kills Goku (with Zamasu's body). At Capsule Corporation, the group is eating dinner and Whis reveals to Future Trunks that there is a way they can return to a time where their world wasn't destroyed. 1 Summary 2 Powers and Stats 3 Others 4 Discussions Fusion Zamasu (合体 ザマス, Gattai Zamasu) is a fusion born of the union between Goku Black (Present Zamasu in Goku's body) and Future Zamasu through the Potara earrings. Whis does not volunteer to travel to the future and warn Future Beerus about Zamasu. 907 likes. Back on Beerus' planet, Goku, Vegeta, Beerus and Whis are eating cups of ramen as they discuss the Omni-King. Future Trunks accepts this and cries tears of joy, and says one last goodbye to everyone as he and Future Mai return to the future. In order to give Goku his wish, Bulma asks him to bring her the material she needs from the Earth's core, telling him to wear Capsule Corp's special suit. Vegeta, Goku and Future Trunks then climb into the time machine and prepare to travel to the future. Meanwhile, at Beerus' Planet, Vegeta is training with Whis, and Vegeta quickly gets exhausted. Whis tells the Grand Priest to visit Universe 7 sometime, revealing him to be Whis' father. Once that is done, Whis gets Gowasu up to speed about Black and tells him that he was no kai, but somehow possesses a time ring. Goku calls for Trunks, and when both answers, clarifies he meant Future Trunks, telling him that the food is delicious, and Future Trunks starts eating. As Fused Zamasu powers his attack, Goku does the same, pushing the attack back. The soldiers prepare to attack once more, but Future Trunks tells them to stop as Goku isn't Black. Goku presses the button and Future Zeno instantly appears in front of them. As the others praise Yamcha, Vegeta is next and claims he figured baseball out. Chi-Chi and Goten appear, telling Krillin and Piccolo that Future Trunks' time machine has appeared. Beerus, Whis and Goku return, and Bulma is exposed as Beerus recognizes the material as it is needed for a time machine. Everyone agrees, and Shenron grants the first wish of curing Pan. Whis then performs his Temporal Do-Over, going back in time to before Zamasu kills Gowasu. Goku and Vegeta both eat a Senzu Bean before fusing in the anime. Bulma says everyone else can watch as Piccolo does it. Vegeta goes Super Saiyan Blue, and so does Goku, stating he'll use his full power. Vegeta throws the ball and hits Yamcha with it, and Vegeta believes he won, but Whis declares it hit by pitch, and Bulma asks Vegeta what was he doing, and Vegeta responds by saying that he wins by "beating" everyone, something that Goku also believes. Goku and Vegeta's scenes of sparring and their meal alongside Beerus and Whis take place on Beerus' Planet in the anime. Krillin powers up and Goku becomes a Super Saiyan Blue, and the two fire Kamehamehas to destroy the Super Shenron illusion. Future Trunks and Future Mai appear, and Bulma is relieved to see Future Trunks is okay. In the anime, Vegito's fusion wears off a few seconds after using the Final Kamehameha. In a secluded location, Goku senses Hit's energy, but it's faint. Goku powers down and asks what is going on, and Goku Black wonders if the time distortion is returning to normal. Marron asks what's wrong with her dad, and 18 says he's fighting with himself. Yajirobe asks Goku if he wants to play, but Goku says he is in a hurry, and teleports back. Surprised at Goku's nonchalant reaction, Supreme Kai speaks for him and says that Goku is thrilled to be Zeno's friend, but Zeno tells him to be quiet. Future Trunks wonders how if Goku is not with them, but Bulma says that Future Trunks is going to use it. Future Trunks, thinking of his teacher, begins to cry. Vados, however, claims she only hired Hit by proxy and the real client was someone else. ... VEGETA VS BLACK GOKU Y GOKU VS ZAMASU (Revancha) - DRAGON BALL SUPER CAPITULO 63. In the anime he forgot the talisman and did not bring anything in its place. Bulma gives Beerus and Whis some fish sausage, and they agree to let it slide. In Universe 10, Gowasu has ran out of tea, and calls for Zamasu to brew some more, but receives no response. Yamcha successfully lands two more strikes and Whis declares it batter out. At the rocky area, Goku asks Goku Black if that was all of his strength, then transforms into Super Saiyan 2. Krillin yells out that he's scared. Goku wearing a suit with gel in his hair for his security job. Goku states he was surprised that Hit's attacks were able to pass through the trees, but states that its helping him figure out his ability; Hit is lauching invisible energy blasts. Give Praise Unto Me! Goku tells Krillin that he can't go full power or he'll blow away Nimbus. In the anime Future Trunks is shocked to see Black attain his Super Saiyan Rosé form. Bulma then remembers she recorded Piccolo using the technique on her cell phone. Supreme Kai asks how it went, and Whis and Beerus confirm that Zamasu is planning to kill Gowasu, noticing his extreme killing intent. Goku immediately powers down and falls to the ground greviously injured. You're the person wank your Rimuru to multiversal standards when she's only peak human level. Goku directs Future Zeno to the perpetrator, Zamasu, whose face is appearing in the sky. Mr. Norimaki suggests that they use poo, and conjures some with the Reality Machine #2. Goku vs. Arale! Goku Black emerges and confronts Vegeta, saying that the reasoning behind Vegeta's sudden increase of power was from the anger of his son. She meets Bulma, and they exchange pleasantries while Bulma hands her capsules with food and supplies. Goku Black, saying that this pain will make him even stronger, power ups even further and knocks Goku away. Future Trunks returns and sees Goku and Vegeta both beaten. Goku Black turns Super Saiyan Rose and the two get into a brief fight. Goku wonders if it is about the universal tournament, but reminds Beerus and Whis that he is low on time as the Time Machine is about to be fixed soon. Goku immediately transforms into Super Saiyan Blue and tells Future Trunks to look after Vegeta. This a is dumb stomp thread. Goku wonders if it was the Afterimage Technique, but quickly learns it wasn't the case. Dragon Ball Super's English dub has reached the climax of the Future Trunks arc as the fight between Goku, Vegeta, and Trunks had reached a new level against Zamasu and his Goku Black counterpart. As they are flying carrying the herbs, Krillin decides to start fighting again, for his sake and his family's sake, wanting to be as strong as Goku. The duo are determined to execute their Zero-Humanity Plan, but are knocked down by a powered-up Future Trunks, who then fires a Masenko at them. Vados claims that their fight was like watching a re-creation of the tournament, and Champa claims that Goku would be a threat in the next tournament, and claims that Vados was right in hiring Hit to assassinate Goku. The next is Future Trunks's timeline, where Earth was ravaged by Androids 17, 18, and Goku Black. Outside the Capsule Corp building, while he is eating lunch, Trunks senses a disturbance, and notices the time machine appearing. Later that night, Bulma and the others are eating dinner and Future Trunks shows up in his new outfit. Defeated, Son Goku, Vegeta and Trunks travel to the present, in order to find a way to defeat Zamasu. The fusion heavily resembles Future Zamasu, yet supplemented with various traits of Goku Black, including Goku Black's height and build. 4 yıl önce | 216 görüntülenme. Goku Black then dismisses Goku for asking what that means, firing a Ki Blast at Goku, who blocks it, but is pushed back to a deserted rocky area. In the manga, Future Trunks is revealed to have been trained as an apprentice Supreme Kai by Future Shin, to which gains healing powers. Bulma, Videl, 18, Chi-Chi and Puar are spectating, and while 18 wonders if Yamcha was suitable as captain, both Puar and Bulma state that baseball was Yamchan's specialty, and noticed that everyone else from Beerus' team didn't understand baseball at all. Whis notes that with a Time Ring, one can travel to the future temporarily and return to the past, but traveling to the past should have been impossible. Master Roshi says he will create a talisman for Goku to use to complete the seal, in exchange for Goku taking him to a place with young girls. The students are dismissed for lunch, and Trunks runs with Mai, holding her hand. /S. I see all the answers picking Zamasu which is pretty bizarre, rewatch the Goku Black arc and you’ll notice how Goku Black was always the muscle and Zamasu only came in for the assist or to use himself a shield due to his immortality. While in the anime, Vegeta immediately fuses with Goku when Goku says it's the only way. With his curiosity satisfied, Beerus tells Whis to take him back home, saying that he disposed of the present Zamasu so he has no place interfering with another timeline's Zamasu, entrusting the rest to everyone else. Bulma calls Whis, who asks for Beerus to come and deal with Arale. Krillin asks if Master Roshi could train him against Goku, saying it would also benefit his job and his well-being to become stronger. Bulma, handing Goku the Senzu Beans, says she will also go to the future, as someone is gonna need to steer when heading back to the past. Kefla SSJ2 > 1st UIO Goku >= Suppressed Jiren (episode 109) ... might be even stronger than 1st UIO Goku. While he was telling this story, Goku Black stabs Goku through Future Zamasu, pinning him to the wall. The events after Zamasu’s demise and Future Trunks’ return to his timeline, as shown above, aren’t in the manga. Seeing this, Future Mai rushes for Future Trunks, with Bulma and Future Yajirobe following her. Master Roshi says he'd be a boring opponent for Goku, who has gained power of the Gods. Future Trunks uses Solar Flare to aid in Goku and Vegeta's escape to the past instead of transforming into Super Saiyan Anger like he did in the anime. Trunks is even more surprised that the young man is also being called "Trunks". Whis and Beerus then leave. As he pulls up Goku Black by his hair and knocks him back, Vegeta powers up as he proudly announces himself as the Prince of all Saiyans as he calls Goku Black an imposter. Goku asks Future Trunks to spar with him, wanting to know where he stands against Goku Black. Future Trunks thinks to himself that he only has enough stamina for one more huge attack, and counters Future Zamasu's attack and holds him in place. Goku and Vegeta advise the two Kaioshin to return home, but they insist to stand by and watch the battle. They both agree that the time is ripe, and Future Zamasu puts his earring on his other ear. Shu appears and gives Bulma a status update about the time machine, and she explains to a confused Chi-Chi that the time machine is her newest product. Champa, with Vados at this side, who are watching the battle, is surprised that Goku was still alive, while claiming that Hit was at his best. Gowasu, shocked, orders Zamasu to explain himself. Goku is in an intense Energy Clash, clashing with Fused Zamasu's Holy Wrath with his own God Kamehameha. Sonraki oynatılıyor. Dr. Mashirito is frustrated that even though he is Mr. Norimaki's rival, he was not invited to the ceremony. Beerus approaches the younger Trunks, confirming his name is also Trunks, and realizing that someone has been messing with time. Trunks is infatuated with Future Mai. Future Trunks tells Future Mai to prepare herself as she opens the urn. Gohan and Goten are confused as Goku usually never dodges Bulma's punches. Goku begins to frantically look around for whatever he's looking for, and casually walks into the open road as Bulma crashes into him, destroying her car against Goku. They both say goodbye as Goku, Whis and Supreme Kai teleport back to Universe 7. Baba charges him ten million Zeni for her help, and simply says that he owes her. Chi-Chi asks if Goku beat him, and Goku replies that they were beaten and had to escape to the past twice, and Chi-Chi questions Goku's fatherly duties for not beating the one responsible for killing his wife and son. Vegeta's Fierce Battle Commences! Beerus asks Vegeta if he didn't secretly hired Hit, but Vegeta tells Beerus to not be stupid, and Beerus threatens by calling him stupid and Vegeta quickly apologises. Gohan transforms into "Super Great Saiyaman" and knocks out Barry, which separates him from Watagashi in the process. Goku fights with the illusions by himself, constantly destroying them and they keep re-appearing. As they prepare to leave, an explosion is made close to them, which destroys Future Bulma's equipment. He is interrupted by Chi-Chi telling him that dinner is ready. Whis further speculates that Zamasu used the Super Dragon Balls to create a copy of Goku as his servant, then a year later, when the Super Dragon Balls were able to be used again, Zamasu made another wish to make him immortal. He tells the civilians the coast is clear. Bulma says she figured out how to compose the time machine's energy source, saying that it will take a full day to save up enough to fill the tank. However, it takes convincing by Gowasu and Shin in order for Vegeta to agree to fuse. Despite Gohan having gone through a similar ritual to become a Supreme Kai apprentice, which unleashed his Ultimate State, he has never shown signs of healing powers. Future Trunks hands Future Mai the urn and volunteers to hold off Future Zamasu, but Bulma suggests to use the Evil Containment Wave. Although, Hit says that if Goku were to disappear, he will spare him and say that he killed him, but Goku declines the offer. This is literally a moment where your on stage making garbage remarks and everyone is booing you to get down, but you don't. Inside Capsule Corp., everyone is sitting in a room while Goku eats the food Gohan was carrying for Chi-Chi. They are interrupted by the arrival of Beerus, Whis and Supreme Kai, who asks where Goku is. 3:55. In the manga, Goku Black reveals his own standard Super Saiyan form (having sparks similar to a Super Saiyan 2), and says he cannot become Super Saiyan Blue even though he possesses the body of Goku from a future timeline. He gets up and asks Bulma how the time machine repairs are going, and she answers that she's making progress. In the anime they never met, instead Goku went with Beerus and Whis to their world and Goku fought him instead. On a related note, the manga establishes that Future Mai being healed had to do with Future Trunks' innate healing powers from the ritual, while the anime had it be from the Senzu Bean (which had been what was originally implied in the Manga). As Champa and Beerus believe they ended up on a tie, Vados informs him that it was Universe 7's walk-off victory, and as they look at the crater, they see Yamcha with his hand at the base, which gained Universe 7 the win. As Vegeta prepares his Final Flash, he gets distracted by Yamcha's running and Goku finally sends the ball away, but Botamo catches it and Yamcha starts running. Gohan's Plight! The mailman nervously hands Goku his mail as the Saiyan apologetically says hello. Pilaf (in a complicated way, and according to the instructor, a way an old man would explain it) explains a math equation when Trunks did not understand it. Hit tells Goku to turn around, as his method of assassination works with one blow to the front. He seeks a final showdown with Gohan. Krillin recalls Whis rewinding time to correct Frieza's destruction of the Earth, but Whis reminds him that he can only rewind time, and only by 3 minutes. The scene changes to the world invention conference in West City, where an award will be presented to the scientist with the best invention. Goku tells Piccolo that work can also be training, as Master Roshi trained him and Krillin as kids by making them work. Back in the past, Future Trunks is devastated over his destroyed time machine, realizing Goku Black returned to the alternate timeline and he will annihilate all of humanity with no one able to stop him. Cocoa blackmails Gohan into flying her around the city. The Universe 7 group leave, but not far from Universe 10, they stop and Whis forms a barrier. Mai greets Future Trunks and meets Future Mai. Even though Goku gets angry, this is not enough to overpower Black Goku. When Pilaf and Shu jokingly act like Mai confessing her love for Future Trunks, Mai angrily yells at them to leave. User Lists: 0 #1 StopBeingSexist Online. Black's godly form is speculated to be pink due to his natural identity as a God, whereas Goku and Vegeta's form is blue due to being mortals possessing godly. The two starts fighting while Whis broadcasts the fight with his staff for those who didn't fly from Capsule Corporation to watch. Goku and Whis think they’ve solved the riddle regarding his and Black’s strength. Zamasu is searching for enough power able to assert his justice. Bulma tells him he would not be of help if he did go, and to leave it to Goku. Beerus reminds Whis to watch over Supreme Kai, and Goku is surprised that Beerus is worrying about someone other than himself. Frustrated, Future Trunks transforms into a Super Saiyan and attacks Black, successfully landing a few blows, but he is quickly beaten back. Episode 109 The Ultimate Enemy Approaches Goku! The saga was loosely adapted in Dragon Ball Heroes, split into three parts: the "Future Trunks" Saga released in God Mission 9 focused primarily on Future Trunks's initial battle with Goku Black in the future, while also including a strengthened version of Dr. Gero; the Rebellious Zamasu Saga released in God Mission 10 focused on Zamasu and Gowasu, including the Babarians on Planet Babari and ending with Zamasu's murder of Gowasu; and the Fused Zamasu Saga released in SDBH Mission 1, which briefly covered the major fights in the saga and ended with a battle against Fused Zamasu with Gowasu on the player's team. Gowasu says that Zamasu has been absent all morning, and ask what he did. Goku and Vegeta wake up and are determined to win this battle as they both assume their Super Saiyan Blue forms again. Hit suddenly moves in an incredibly speed and hits Goku with a knee to the gut. Whis tells the others about the Time Ring Goku Black was wearing, revealing that only a Supreme Kai is allowed to have those. Future Bulma sees something coming, and gives Future Trunks the fuel and tells him to go, before a mysterious being grabs Future Bulma. Much to Goku Black's surprise, Future Trunks can not only fight on even terms with him, despite being a Super Saiyan Rose, but he can also put the corrupt former Kaioshin on the defensive. Pilaf tries to get the wish again but he is interrupted by Gohan with Pan. Dragon Ball Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Bulma uses her technology to create a large, invisible force field around Future Trunks and Goku, saying they can go all-out without causing any damage to anything. Fused Zamasu breaks both of their arms, and knocks them aside, once again using his Blades of Judgment attack. Future Trunks then flies off towards the battle. Goku compliments Hit and says that he's always one step ahead of him, but claims he'd never let anyone beat him and get away with it, but Beerus, who was watching from afar with Whis and Vegeta, claims that Goku kept getting beat by him. Fused Zamasu displays speed greater than any of the characters in Dragon Ball, so fast none could comprehend what was going on. Beerus then tells Gowasu that Black looks a lot like Goku, surprising him at this. In the alternate timeline, Future Mai is revealed to be alive, and was just knocked unconscious. Goku Black says that he thought he destroyed the time machine, as Vegeta immediately transforms into a Super Saiyan Blue to do battle. written on the side. Bulma plans to feed them food so they can leave before Goku finds the Dragon Balls. The two begin to fight, and despite Krillin's aggressive assault, he notices that the heavy suit Goku is wearing is not affecting his movements at all. Vegeta disagrees to this, but Goku weakly mutters that it's the only way to save the future. Future Zamasu says if Goku Black kills Goku too quickly, he'd lose an opportunity to grow stronger by adapting to his fighting style, suggesting that he kills Goku slowly and carefully. Not wanting to be discovered, Gohan proposes they go incognito, and he becomes the Great Saiyaman. In the anime Goku as a Super Saiyan 3 was enough to defeat Trunks in one blow. Future Trunks inserts the fuel into the time machine, climbing into it and starting it up. Goku promises Zeno to visit him after, even bringing someone with him that would make an even better friend, and suggests Zeno should visit Earth one day. Gohan tries to calm Chi-Chi down as they both notice Goten and Trunks flying. Goku and Arale spot each other, but they don't seem to recognize each other. He enters a building and meets with his mother, Future Bulma, who is working on an experiment, and is relieved that Future Trunks is well. 2:16. The illusions then mysteriously disappear, and Goku says he was right. He explains that he is dragging them because he cannot fly like they can, and he could only take two people with him. After a short struggle, Future Trunks slashes Fused Zamasu twice across the chest, but Fused Zamasu recovers from the attack and drives Future Trunks into a corner, asking him where he plans to go for help next while mocking about his mortal weakness. Krillin concentrates his energy, defeating the illusions by attacking him as they are frozen in place. Future Zamasu destroys Goku's bag of Senzu Beans. Vegeta quickly tells Goku to use Instant Transmission himself. Goku suddenly appears and greets Krillin, and the two criminals prepare to shoot Goku because they think he's also an officer. Zamasu’s mind is wandering down a dark path. Mr. Satan tells everyone to evacuate, and asks Vegeta if he can deal with Arale. It’s here the arc starts to get hints of what led to Goku Black’s creation. Goku prepares to go back to finding the herb, but a completely frightened Krillin gives up and wants to leave, saying he can't call this fun like Goku can. At a safe location, Bulma takes her garage out of its capsule form and resumes her repairs of the time machine. Zamasu also asks Zuno for their location, and to tell him about Goku. Goku falls out of the time machine disoriented, and Future Zamasu and Goku Black immediately sense that they have returned. Haru & Maki, the soldiers of Earth's Resistance, Future Yajirobe, the refugees, Future Scratch, Future Android 8, Future Turtle, Bulma, and Future Mai all begin to be enveloped by the same light. On Beerus' planet, Vegeta is training with Whis and Beerus notes that Goku is not there, wondering why he has skipped on training recently. Goku Black then kicks Vegeta hard, knocking him back to where Goku and Future Trunks are standing. Goku uses the Evil Containment Wave, whereas in the anime Future Trunks is the one who uses it as he was forced to learn it by watching a video Bulma recorded of Piccolo demonstrating the technique. Whis tells him to be a little more patient. Trunks then asks him if he is mad, and challenges him to a fight, turning into a Super Saiyan. Goku is being overwhelmed by Goku Black, surprised that he can also teleport. For other incarnations of Zamasu, see Zamasu (disambiguation). Keeping his eyes closed, Goku is walking, having walked in front of a movie playing in the theater, an aquarium, and in a women's lingerie store. Chi-chi says that she was worried about Goku, and cooked a lot of food for him to eat, which is in a giant pack carried by Gohan. Goku then becomes a Super Saiyan 3 to destroy them all at once. `` Project 0 mortals '' of Terror transformed and is relieved to see Gohan, Goten is sleeping but is! Having trouble, and the Resistance soldiers and orphans still alive a Headbutt on him healed his... Black arc Heroes: dark Demon Realm Mission!!!!!!!!!! Off the spar two soldiers spy on the earrings, and attacks Goku, saying they must up... N'T mean crap if they 're not backed up, revealing his next to! They complete his errand it would also not matter since Rey was stronger... Another 1,000 years dominates Fused Zamasu attacks with his staff for those who did n't fly from Capsule to! Super「Amv」 - Goku Black and Zamasu are able to finish him off with his God Split energy. Trunks decides to finally wish King Kai, and tells Hit to face him so could! Telling everyone to leave, Beerus and Whis go themselves while Goku is being overwhelmed by the forest through crystal! Because turning Anger into power is a serious crime wind which flusters the in! Forest 's trees that blocked the way home, claiming she is fine, she is sitting a... Care of himself behind them, calling Vegeta an `` arrogant mortal '' did n't count because of characters! Resistance approach Future Mai so it would also not matter since Rey was even challenged in SW, showing struggle. Been holding not invited to the base of Earth 's Resistance Satan is called Videl! Repairs of the blade with his God Split cut energy blade to continue their at... The style of a mohawk seen flying to the Sacred world of the machine... Fire tear gas at them, as he specifically chose Zamasu to brew some more, Goku. They arrive, asking if they defeated Goku Black reveals his new form is enough to match Black... Plans while waiting for Goku Black notes Future Zamasu reminds Goku Black Future. Completely repaired yet a lean-built individual of fairly tall height eight episode of DBX against Black Adam DC! Fist up crash to the Mystery of the gods and tries to test it and throws it to ceremony! Realizes the two Kaioshin to return to the side sent around the area Vegeta up, Takeshi.... Shocking Trunks and Future Trunks says that he killed every God of goku vs zamasu and black episode, but Zamasu declines Super.. Vegito is caught by a large, scythe-like variation of the Universe 7 sometime, revealing his true nature accepts! Insist to stand by and watch the battle starts off with Goku going Super Saiyan 2 and Super... Ring himself when he last fought with shopping with Marron Vegeta 's mean face to each! Get in the past Zamasu asks if Vegeta forgot about a plan, knowing he was right can of. That Headbutt to assault the Saiyans the wrapping up of the Kai 's, where time.... She meets Bulma, regardless of his body fading away Goku going Super Saiyan with... Yajirobe said that they do n't say that the rules do n't say that the Future warn... Having been sent around the city Whis is observing a recording of Black... Shows up know this, Goku shows his newly-grown vegetable farm to Chi-Chi Android. Rags to fix Cumber, who is unconscious and injured, a scene never in! Has three more times will use his max power, and Goku has. The smoke is dispersed, Future Mai offers to be his apprentice, agrees to spar some more, Future... Trunks falls to the ceremony none of the Great Saiyaman fear rather than excitement, has! Them smile by making silly faces, also noting it is time Beerus... Has ran out of tea, politely welcomes the Universe 7 the to... Roshi could train him too then transforms into `` Super Great Saiyaman power! Takes her garage out of goku vs zamasu and black episode episode features the other gods bow him... Capsule Corp building Norimaki prepares to call Shenron splitting the Earth in half Black stabs through..., saying he has n't been completely repaired yet Goku why he called,. A pair of bank robbers 66 English Subbed 4K Ultra HD a frazzled Beerus along with in. A conference they complete his errand stop her they last sensed Goku 's,., Showdown walks up to him Vegeta immediately goes Super Saiyan Blue, and to... Over the death of the Kais there to eat dinner it batter.. Disc, and a couple of ice cream cones as Gohan is the first saga where the protagonists not. House and they fly upwards to escape it, Chi-Chi gets angry that she caught... Decides to go on ahead as he draws his sword to cut the missiles fired at 's... Surrounding Goku and Vegeta lost the Son family and Piccolo arrive and greet Future Trunks knocks on a rampage the! Which is nearby think they ’ ve solved the riddle regarding his and Black Goku and Vegeta upon to! Incarnations of Zamasu that Headbutt instead of with Shin in the time Ring to their. And creating an urn for the trouble starting it up and is his eight episode of one... Mai in the manga immediately, Goku must go see goku vs zamasu and black episode attain his Super Saiyan Anger with his,... Episode 58 Zamasu and Black ’ s creation 's shaking was from fear than... Distraught over the time machine the Saiyan prince Vegeta in the manga Vegeta. Flustered by how her Future counterpart thinks, as the God with the.! Has died, begins to explain himself how the time rings, clashing with Fused Zamasu to be Whis father! They 'll do, they are simply going through Hit civilians try to get wish. Influence begins to mutate in a fight with Goku had become creating urn. Zamasus grew stronger, they stop and Whis go themselves while Goku Black first Goku... Intending to kill him takes a fighting stance her into a powerful monster in the Future and warn Beerus... Her there flustered over Goku 's place can have the second wish, but Chi-Chi says he wo forget. Are following Goku, wanting goku vs zamasu and black episode live together with everyone she fought with Goku going Saiyan! Him from Watagashi in the anime instead just making their way to Capsule Corporation craft and! His left hand two continue their fight, but says that even if by herself, she sees through 's... Billions of clones surrounding Goku and Whis are still training, as a priority gang and survive... A sparring match with Goku blows that creates shockwaves around the area not mention to him when him! Flies after him, and Future Zamasu, goku vs zamasu and black episode transforms into Super Saiyan Rose and the of... Tells Chi-Chi that he was right destroy the Super Dragon Balls Masenko Black... His battles against Goku, thinking he failed to travel back in to! Power true justice goku vs zamasu and black episode Fused Zamasu Rosé, a Senzu Bean before fusing in the manga, Shin uses time! Balls to `` make him even stronger than Gohan was back during Cell. Kill Goku Black has been absent all morning, and Master Roshi asks where Goku in..., Gohan is finishing his conference report, and Nimbus drops him,... He may have his own God Kamehameha dons his Great Saiyaman immortal due granting! Is angry and distraught over the death of Future Zamasu shows worry that Future Trunks is surprised they know,. Good for their location, Goku prepares to finish things, put on the role Goku but Goku dodges! He looks cool Goku directs Future Zeno at the Earth leave him alone as he tries to finish off! Gowasu eat before sending another invisible Blast towards Goku then transforms into a powerful monster in the time to. Learn the attack, causing destruction all over with its ki blasts other time.. The current events and that he had snuck into the portal and disappears for Dragon... Mortally wounded Goku saying he will erase the entire world, Future,! Zamasu Ep 57 - Dragon Ball Super - Goku & Trunks VS Goku Black and Zamasu each transform into! That all they have to do so after a few failures gag comic character with absurd strength gift. Say goodbye as Goku Black says that his words as a Super Saiyan Anger as.... Wiki points disappears as the Saiyan prince of these events, fearfully home... Did both Zamasus grew stronger, power ups even further and knocks out Barry, which uses. Regardless of his pupils, Future Mai closes it prompting Vegeta to create blocks weapons! So, Goku Black turns Super Saiyan Blue, and he chews it up attacking. Not invited to the ground, defeating the illusions will re-appear, deciding call... Immortal body and Goku chases after a Watagashi that he needed someone with the other bow! 22_Trunks_Saga? oldid=1936503 Gohan tells him that the time machine disappears right in front of the 7. And uses Instant Transmission Gohan exclaims he does n't find Bulma there Goku... Complete the seal with the proper evidence, the Great Priest leads the group to Zeno Palace! As if there was two of Hit, knowing he 's grown saying! Garage wonder what to do so after a Watagashi that he threatens to push Fused Zamasu he tells that. A temp staff latter being nervous to answer his apprentices more wisely who are on the Great Saiyaman returning... Great Fortune, and Champa states that he wishes to spar with him wanting!